Maharishi Smarak

Celebrating Maharishi`s Eternal Wishdom for Thousands of Generations to come.

Marble Panels of Knowledge

The Maharishi Smarak is steadily rising on the banks of holy Ganga. The beautiful Maharishi Hall of Silence, with its traditionally hand-carved pillars of golden Jaisalmer stone is taking shape and already filling the whole surroundings with a feeling of profound silence and deep spirituality. Our team of scholars and artists are designing the marble panels that will be displayed on the interior walls of the Hall of Silence. The panels will provide a glimpse of the wide range of knowledge capable of raising life everywhere to the perfection of Heaven on Earth. The knowledge displayed on the eight walls of the Hall of Silence will give a glimpse of the knowledge and application of Vedic Wisdom, from Maharishi's favorite Vedic quotes, to his discovery of the Apaurusheya Bhashya, to his gifts of Transcendental Meditation and creating coherence in world consciousness through the group practice of the TM and TM Sidhi Program. A world-renowned marble-etching company is creating these magnificent marble displays where visitors can enjoy an overview of Maharishi’s programmes for every area of life.

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